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Our Microphone and Preamps department features a wide variety of mics suitable for all situations. Whether you're looking for a condenser microphone for your studio, for example the Rode NT5, or a dynamic vocal mic for the stage, such as the popular SM58, we're confident you'll find something to fit your budget and requirement.

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Since different microphones are often designed for different purposes and environments, these factors need to be considered by prospective purchasers. For example, while an SM58 may be ideally suited for vocals, a Shure PGDMK6 Drum Microphone Kit may be more appropriate for miking up a snare, toms and bass drum.

Drummers who want to mic their kits may themselves have a number of issues to consider, such as whether they want to use a standard set of condenser mics or mics that are designed specifically for this instrument, complete with clips. With the various options available, as well as the infinite numbers of possible drum configurations, players may be well advised to research what is on the market thoroughly before deciding what best meets their needs.

Another issue to consider is whether users want low or high impedance mics. The former can transmit signals over hundreds of feet without any noticeable deterioration in sound quality. However, the signal on more affordable high impedance mics can deteriorate if cables over more than 20-feet are used.

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