Microphones are crucial to getting your performance sounding perfect - at Gear4music we have a mic for every purpose. Whether you need a classic vocal mic such as the Shure SM58, a respected instrument mic like the Shure SM57 or a superb sounding condenser mic, such as those produced by Audio Technica, Gear4music.com has a huge selection of mics available now. We also have a great range of USB mics suitable for recording and podcasting - take a look at the Samson Meteor mic.

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Dynamic Mics like the Sennheiser e835 are most popular for live use and vocals. Some dynamics, such as the Shure SM57, are useful for recording instruments, like guitar amps, given their ability to handle loud volumes well.

Condenser Microphones Are the standard for studio work. Small diaphragm mics such as the AKG C1000 S are designed to record fast sounds like stringed instruments, as well as being preferred for concert recording.

Large Diaphragm Mics are the choice for recording vocals and instruments where a deeper sound is needed. The Audio Technica AT2035 is a good example.

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