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KRK Monitors are made by KRK Systems which was founded in 1986 and who specialise in creating monitors you can trust, that engineers and artists alike can put their faith in to, and that can deliver a true acoustic interpretation of a mix. This is what KRK create, and this is why KRK have become industry leaders in this highly specialized audio monitor market. View all information

KRK Rokit G4 Studio Monitors

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KRK Studio Monitors

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About KRK

KRK is one of the world's most respected monitor manufactures focusing on accuracy and honesty in design. KRK believes that it is vital that recording engineers are empowered to hear every subtle nuance of the audio being reproduced.

The KRK monitor ranges begin with the ROKIT series. At the more affordable side of the scale these accurate monitors are ideal for bedroom, project and smaller pro studios. The VXT series are the next step up, ideal for pro recording studios, broadcast studios and serious project studios with more power, more accuracy and more mounting options.

If you're looking for a passive monitor, KRK have the R6 which is a passive version of the ROKIT 6. It's ideal for any application where an existing amplifier is already in place.

KRK News

NAMM 2019 | The KRK ROKIT 4th Generation is Here!

The KRK ROKIT studio monitor family has become the affordable, go-to choice for professionals, offering performance far beyond its price.  For 2019, KRK has updated the family to its 4th generation and it's now better than ever.... More  »

24 Jan 2019 16:05

KRK Launch New V Series Range

Featuring a newly refurbished look and design, KRK deliver the goods once again... More  »

30 Sep 2016 16:23

New KRK Studio Subwoofer Series

KRK has announced the release of three new subwoofers.... More  »

19 Jul 2016 13:01