DISC Adler 1357 'Jubilee' Professional Bassoon

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  • Maple Wood Body
  • Silver Plated Keys and Mechanisms
  • Top Quality Bocal, Cross Strap and Gig Bag
  • Superb Step Up Bassoon

DISC Adler 1357 'Jubilee' Professional Bassoon


This Model of Professional Bassoon is a wonderful step up instrument for the inspired bassoon performer. The top quality materials used combined with professional design and manufacture make this Alder Jubilee Bassoon a suitable buy.

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German Heckel System

The Heckel System is used on all Adler instruments and has been since the start of the 20th Century the most common style of bassoon system. The keys play right down to the bottom Bb with and solid and secure tone. As well as this, the bassoon also features five rollers and three trill keys and all the keys have been finalised with silver plating.

Varnished Maple Wood Body

The body of the Adler Bassoon is made from high quality maple wood which is hand varnished to provide the smooth and elegant finish. The varnish used also provides a long lasting superior instrument that will not suffer from the ravages of time.

Adler Bocals

The Adler 1357/125 Bassoon also comes with a Bocal which has been specially designed for this instrument. This includes a deep bending bocal, which bends further down than a standard one. This is much more preferable to a younger player, but can still be played easily be an average sized performer.

Included Rucksack Bag

The Adler Bassoon comes with a lightweight gig bag as standard. This includes shoulder straps which are useful for transporting the instrument to rehearsals, lessons and gigs.


  • Keys: 5 Rollers and 3 Trill Keys (F#/G#, C#/D#, E/F#)
  • Keys Finish: Silver Plated
  • Body: Real Maple Wood, Varnished
  • Balancer: Included
  • Resonator: Plexi©-Resonators

Included Accessories

  • Bocal: Adler No2 Bocal
  • Cross Strap: Included, for Holding Instrument
  • Case: Included Adler Soft Gig Bag with Shoulder Straps