DISC Metric Halo Production Bundle for AAX/Audio Units

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  • Includes 7 Metric Halo Plug Ins
  • Improves Audio Processing Power
  • Wide Range Of Top-Tier Effects
  • iLok Key Sold Seperately

DISC Metric Halo Production Bundle for AAX/Audio Units

The Metric Halo Production Bundle for AAX/Audio Units is a versatile bundle of software designed for music producers and digital musicians. The Halo Production Bundle features a selection of some of the best plug-ins available from Metric Halo including: Haloverb, Multiband Dynamics, Precision De Esser, TransientControlm, ChannelStrip 3, Character and Multiband Expander. This diverse range of software-based effects allows you to integrate some of the best DSP processing available on the market within your productions and audio arrangements. With its range of varied processing, the Metric Halo Production Bundle is ideal for studio and live applications alike.

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The Metric Halo Verb Plug-In is a highly versatile reverb plug-in designed to add depth and ambience to your source tracks. The HaloVerb Plug-In is based on the original HaloVerb hardware that was implemented in the 2D-Expanded Metric Halo Interfaces. The HaloVerb plug-in is based on its hardware version, giving you optimal flexibility and control. It features low and high frequency pre-filter with a simple and intuitive layout, giving you a wide range of controls including: Diffusion, Damping, PreDelay and more. You can also trigger Reverbs times of up to 7 seconds, while the Reverb impulse display shows the shape of the reverb and how it is affecting your audio. Additionally the HaloVerb features stereo width control, allowing you to blend the Reverb into your stereo image.

Multiband Dynamics

The Metric Halo Multiband Dynamics Plug-in is a premium-quality multiband dynamics processor plug-in, designed for mixing and mastering applications. The Halo Multiband Dynamics plug-in allows you to add warmth, punch and overall clarity to your mixes, giving you te ability to shape the timbral quality of your audio utilising the three-band crossover. It works by providing independent compression in each frequency range before combining the result through the limiter to merge the sound together. The processor comes with a range of tools including a built-in limiter, three-band EQ and dynamic range control so you can optimise your mix with ease. The three-bands come complete with selectable auto gain plus the built-in SpectraFoo™ spectrum analyser allows you to visually monitor your mixes on the fly. Additionally the Mutliband Dynamics Plug-In features scalable gain reduction meters ans well as comprehensive master-slave linking between all three bands.

Precision De Esser

The Metric Halo Precision DeEsser is a premium-quality DeEsser plug-in designed to remove sibilance and splosives from vocal takes as well as being ideal for filtering out excessive high frequency content from instruments. The DeEsser utilises high precision filter technology and dynamics processing of the Metric Halo ChannelStrip, combining it with the convenient metering system and SpectraFoo analyser, allowing you to easily find and eliminate the offending frequencies. The comprehensive and precise controls allow you to zone in on the frequencies you wish to eliminate, providing consistent visual feedback on your source audio. The Precision DeEsser features Center, Bandwidth and Sharpness Controls as well as a range of other controls in the Ess-Compressor including: Threshold, Ratio, Attack and Release. The gain reduction meter is also scalable for added convenience and the MH preset manger provides cross-platform preset.


The Metric Halo TransientControl Plug-In is a highly versatile audio software plug-in designed to modify dynamics and directly change the attack and sustain of your audio. The TransientControl is designed to do what traditional compressor cannot, add extra punch and depth your source audio. The TransientControl plug-in works by analysing your audio and differentiating between the attack, the sustain and decay of the sound, complete with three gain controls so you can dial in the right amount from each of these three elements. TransientControl can be used for a variety of different applications from enhancing the attack of finger-picked guitars for added sheen to improving the punch of a kick drum within your productions. TransientControl is also good at blending instruments into a mix allowing you to affect the dynamics of a sound whilst retaining its natural harmonics. The simple and intuitive interface allows you to easily find and dial in the right amount of level for each of the thre bands, with a details display of gain applied over time.

ChannelStrip 3

The Metric Halo ChannelStrip 3 is replicated the channel strip section of a large format console with its own added improvements. The ChannelStrip3 is essentially a signal processing bundle, integrating everything you may need to process your channels within a mix. The ChannelStrip 3 features a range of different effects and processing tools including an Expander, Compressor, Multi-Band EQ and a limiter. The intuitive and ergonomic interface makes processing your tracks easy, providing you with comprehensive metering, phase invert, channel delay and SpectraFoo™ spectrum analysis. This varied range of audio tools gives you everything you need to process and mix your audio with ease.


The Metric Halo Character Plug-In is designed to replicate the sound and tone of classic tube amplifiers and analog circuits utilising the proprietary +DSP technology to deliver exceptional processing power, accentuating whatever the plug-in is applied to. The Metric Halo Character works by adding the rugged distortion characteristics of vintage analog circuits straight to your source track, providing over 20 different character models for a variety of different sound palettes and tones. The Character Plug-In was developed when Metric asked some of the worlds best mixing and mastering engineers to send their favourite analog hardware, utilising the SpectraFoo™ to analyse and recreate the gooey analog distortion from different configurations.

Multiband Expander

The Metric Halo Multiband Expander is a highly versatile expander designed to manage and control noise within your mix. The Multiband Expander features a 2-band phase-coherent crossover network that routes audio to three individual expanders that allow you to configure and control noise within the threshold you specify. The Mulitband Expander also features SpectraFoo™ spectral analysis built-in, giving you consistent visual feedback on how your audio is been affected. As well as being used for supressing excess noise, the Multiband Expander can also be utilised to change the feel and sounds of rhythms patterns by minimising elements are played softly. It’s simple and intuitive layout makes it easy to navigate and control your audio, allowing you to easily rein in hum in guitar tracks, background noise in vocals and a whole lot more.


  • Diverse range of production-based effects, hand-picked from the finest of Metric Halo’s plug-in range
  • Includes: : Haloverb, Multiband Dynamics, Precision De Esser, TransientControl, ChannelStrip 3, Character and Multiband Expander
  • Easy integration with a range of DAWs
  • Top tier processing power

Software Requirements

  • Pro Tools AAX (DSP + Native) for Macintosh: Pro Tools 10 or newer, Mac OS 10.6.8 or newer and iLok + iLok account
  • Pro Tools AAX (DSP + Native) for Windows: Pro Tools 10 or newer, Windows 7 or newer and iLok + iLok account
  • Audio Units for Macintosh: Any Audio Unit host, Mac OS 10.5.8 or newer (PPC or Intel, 32-bit and 64-bit) and iLok + iLok account

Licensing Requirements: All of these software licenses are delivered via iLok which require an iLok Smart Key Dongle and an iLok.com account. To purchase the iLok Smart Key click here. iLok dongle is not included with software purchase.
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