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About Behringer Power Amps

Professional studio audio engineers around the world are impressed by Behringers A500 power amps performance, reference-class audio, ultra-reliable quality and surprised by its affordability. On the other hand Behringers Europwer EP4000 is renowned with musicians for its excellent sound quality, road worthy toughness and reliability, low noise operation and incredible power.

At we know the importance of equipment to sound engineers and musicians alike. That is why we work closely with leading manufacturers such as Behringer to offer the best products.

Behringer Power Amp News

NAMM 2019 | One Last Surprise from NAMM 2019 - the Behringer Crave Semi-Modular Synth!

Just as The NAMM Show 2019 was beginning to unwind, Behringer surprised us with a new product! The Behringer Crave is a new semi-modular analog synthesizer with a highly accessible price-tag.... More  »

28 Jan 2019 10:09

NAMM 2012: Behringer iStudio Announced

Behringer iStudio iPad docking station announced at NAMM 2012.... More  »

23 Jan 2012 12:00

NAMM 2011: Behringer Announce New XENYX 302USB Mixer

Behringer announce a new addition to the XENX mixer family in the form of the new XENYX 302USB ultra compact mixer at this years NAMM.... More  »

18 Jan 2011 12:16