sE Reflexion Filters

The sE Electronics Reflexion Filter was the original Reflexion Filter onto the market. As the original, it is the only one to follow the patented design using multi layer technology for a truly uncoloured and pure acoustic for your recordings. View all information

sE Electronics Reflexion Filters

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Reflexion Filter Testimonials

"The Reflexion Filter is a great idea, so simple but so useful. I use it on vocals, acoustic guitars, electric guitars, percussion, hi-hat overdubs…." Rob Harris, Jamiroquai

"I recently used the sE Reflexion Filter while recording vocals at an artists house and it was the ideal solution. It's like you don't need a studio anymore. If I'm ever recording in a less-than-ideal acoustic I can just throw the RF up and all the problems are gone - I've got a clean and clear sound as if I was recording somewhere considerably more expensive." Don Morley, Sound Engineer

"I use the sE Relexion Filter in my vocal booth. Generally so you can see the vocalist you have them standing not very far from a glass window and, of course, you are getting bouncing sibilance back from the window into the mic and it can give you really blurry s's and t's." Chris Porter, Producer

"We tried the sE Instrument Reflexion Filters in rehearsals and they seem to work so we bought four. When we did the first shows, some small warm up gigs in tiny clubs, they came into their own.The spill was dramatically reduced and the sound more focused. They exceeded my expectations." Jon Burton, Sound Engineer

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