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Founded only in 1996, Line 6 set out on a mission to mix the power of modern technology with the virtues of vintage electronics. By releasing the first digital modelling amp later that year, they gave the guitarists an amplifier that could imitate the tonal characteristics of the world's most famous amps. Legendary Line 6 products such as the pocket pod also allowed guitarists to sound like a rockstar wherever they were with its portable pocket size.

Most non-musicians are likely unaware that the past fifty years of guitar amplifier technology has had a more significant impact on the history of rock music than the electric guitar itself. Each individual amp and effect design was created to distort and color the guitar signal in a different way, contributing significantly to why the guitar sounds of the Beatles were so different from Jimi Hendrix or Pink Floyd. In the mid-1990's, Line 6 set out to meet the needs of today's guitarist by harnessing technology to turn a wide range of great tone into a reality for every guitarist.

Line 6 News

Line 6 Spider V MkII - An Iconic Amplifier Updated for 2019

The Spider V has been updated to its MkII iteration for 2019. Find out what's new, here!... More  »

18 Jul 2019 13:52

NAMM 2012: Line 6 StageScape M20d Announced

Line 6 StageScape M20d Mixer a 20-input smart mixing system announced at NAMM 2012.... More  »

19 Jan 2012 17:18

NAMM 2012: Line 6 Mobile Keys Keyboards Released

Line 6 Mobile Keys premium keyboard controllers for iPad, iPhone, Mac and PC to be released at NAMM 2012.... More  »

12 Jan 2012 09:57

New apps introduced for Line 6 Midi Mobilizer

More apps have been developed for use on the Line 6 Midi Mobilizer.... More  »

22 Nov 2010 14:01