DISC Novation 25 SL MK2 + Launchpad S Producer Bundle

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  • Novation 25 SL MKII MIDI Keyboard
  • Novation Launchpad S Ableton Live Controller

DISC Novation 25 SL MK2 + Launchpad S Producer Bundle


This fantastic Novation bundle includes the 25 SL MKII MIDI Controller Keyboard and the Launchpad S Controller for Ableton Live. Get creative and hands-free using Ableton Live Launchpad Edition Software (included).

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Full Description

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This bundle includes:

  • Novation 25 SL MKII MIDI Keyboard Controller
  • Novation Launchpad S, The Ableton Live Controller

Novation 25 SL MKII MIDI Keyboard Controller

SL Mk II combines a high quality semi-weighted keyboard with a full DAW and plug-in control surface, that visually feeds back all control information to the user. A giant 144-character display, back lit LED buttons and LED ringed encoders show the status of all controls. Ultra-quick mapping of all 56 knobs, faders and buttons is managed by the groundbreaking Automap 3 PRO software.

Key Features

  • High quality professional keyboard - Velocity-sensitive, semi-weighted action keyboard from Fatar, with assignable after-touch. Novation deliver the feeling of playing an instrument, rather than just a computer peripheral.
  • Illuminated controls provide instant visual feedback - Brightly lit LED rings around the eight smooth encoders, and backlit buttons throughout provide instant visual feedback for every physical control, further reducing reliance on the computer screen.
  • Giant 144-character LCD screen - Frees the artist from being chained to the computer screen, placing all the essential data right alongside the relevant controls.
  • Huge array of touch-sensitive controls - Full control surface supporting ultra flexible DAW control and Auto-mappable plug-in controls, 16 knobs, 8 faders and 32 assignable backlit LED buttons.
  • Automap 3 PRO Control Software - SL Mk II comes with Automap software which enables you to instantly map software parameters to faders, buttons, encoders and pots and other controllers

Novation Launchpad S, The Ableton Live Controller

The new, updated version of the best-selling controller for Ableton Live and now, other software too. It has much brighter LEDs, a significantly faster refresh rate, is now plug and play with other software such as FL Studio and even works with iPad.

Whether you're a DJ, performing musician or studio producer, Launchpad gives you all you need to use your software straight out of the box. Use the 64-button grid to launch and manipulate clips, trigger loops, fire off effects, control your mixer - and much more. It comes with Ableton Live music software (Launchpad Edition), used by some of the world's top DJs and producers. Launchpad S also triggers loops and effects in the new Novation Launchpad app for iPad.

Launchpad S - the next generation of Launchpad

Launchpad is totally portable. Hooked up to your computer - or iPad - via USB, it's fully bus powered (no need for power sockets), and it's lightweight and easy to carry anywhere. Launchpad S is MIDI Class Compliant so it works with any MIDI software on your Mac or Windows PC and works on your iPad via a Camera Connection Kit (not included): Launchpad S converts your iPad into a grid-based music system - no additional power supply required, just plug in and play.

Novation Launchpad iPad® app

Novation has created a Launchpad app for iPad, which is a totally self-contained music making and performance experience. This is not a software control app, it hosts its own sounds and enables you to trigger loops with your Launchpad S hardware. There is also a whole range of effects that can be triggered using Launchpad's buttons, including filters, stutters and drum roll-styled effects. They can be triggered in combination to create some incredibly powerful performances.

Launchpad S and FL Studio

Launchpad S integrates with FL Studio's performance mode, so you can trigger clips and get hands-on control of FL Studio's powerful new performance zone features. Use the buttons to sketch out beats with drum racks, and assign them to additional functions. You can control almost any music software using Novation's award-winning 'Automap' control software - and Launchpad S is fully MIDI class-compliant so it'll drive any MIDI application.

Included Software

As well as 'Ableton Live Launchpad Edition', Launchpad S comes with a software version of Novation's classic analogue mono-synth - the Bass Station. You can use this as a plug-in within Ableton, FL Studio or other DAWs. There is also a sample pack supplied by world leading sample producers - Loopmasters. Get started straight away with over one gigabyte of loops including drums, FX and artist content.


Novation 25 SL MK2

  • Assignable controls:
    • 8 Encoders (Infinite Rotation) with touch-sensitivity and 11 segment Led rings
    • 8 Pots (270 Rotation) with touch-sensitivity
    • 8 Sliders with touch-sensitivity
    • 32 Buttons with integrated LEDs (37 in MIDI mode]
    • 8 soft feel Trigger pads
    • Xpression Pad (as on existing SL)
    • Xpression Stick (as on existing SL)
  • System buttons:
    • General Automap Operation Buttons (Learn, View, Browser Groups etc.)
    • Octave up/down buttons with LED indicator
    • The central system buttons from the SL have been simplified; there is now:
      • 1 Automap button with LED to toggle Automap mode on and off (this replaces the PLAY button) ? this way, manual MIDI mode is separate from Automap mode and can be avoided completely if preferred
      • Template and Edit modes have been combined into one edit mode, for editing both individual controls and overall settings within one Template.
  • Rear Connections
    • Data Port: 1 x USB (Win XP/Vista and Mac OSX ? Not Class Compliant)
    • Sustain Pedal: 1 x 1/4 Jack Input
    • Expression pedal: 1 x 1/4 Jack Input
    • Power switch: Ext DC/USB
  • Minimum Operational Requirements:
    • Mac OSX 10.4.0 or greater (Leopard and Snow Leopard (32-bit kernel only) also supported) or Windows XP with Service Pack 2 or greater (Vista 32/64 and Windows 7 32/64 also supported)
  • Minimum Computer spec:
    • Mac - G4/1GHz with 256MB RAM
    • PC - Pentium 3/1GHz/256MB RAM (machines running Vista will require a higher spec)

Novation Launchpad S Controller

  • 64-button music software controller - Launch loops / clips, trigger drums and samples, and control effects and volumes

  • Brighter, faster and works with more software - Launchpad S is an update to the best selling original Launchpad

  • Comes with Ableton Live Launchpad Edition - Feature-packed version of Ableton Live lets you create music straight out of the box

  • Plug and play with FL Studio and other software - Now including custom software control overlays in the box

  • Now supports iPad - Launchpad S connects to iPad® with the Apple Camera Connection Kit - no drivers required!

  • Launchpad iPad music app - Trigger loops and remix on the fly with just a Launchpad S and your iPad

  • Create and perform anywhere - Launchpad S is bus powered, even from an iPad, so you don't need to connect it to mains power

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