Kemper Profiler Power Rack

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  • 600 Watt Power Amp
  • Includes 200 amplifier profiles
  • Drives Guitar Cabs & Full Range Cabs
  • Huge Library of Effects
  • Cutting-Edge Technology, Take All Your Amps on the Road!

Kemper Profiler Power Rack

The Kemper Profiling Power Rack is a ultra-high performance 600 watt guitar amplifier that utilizes Kemper’s revolutionary Profiling technology to accurately emulate a range of high end valve amplifiers. Featuring 200 factory preset amp profiles the Power Rack provides something for everyone whilst the addition of downloadable amp profiles and the ability to quick and simply capture your pre-existing amp tones in this compact and rack mountable 19” unit makes it a top choice for touring musicians who need a range of tones on the go.

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200 Factory Preset Amp Profiles

The Kemper Profiling Power Rack incorporates a huge range of factory preset amp profiles ready to play straight out the box allowing you to plug straight into your sound system, speaker cabinet or recording chain and begin experiencing the Kemper revolution. Also with a vast online Kemper community and extensive collection of profiled amps available for download the Kemper Profiling Power Rack provides you with endless professional amp tones.

Create Your Own Amplifier Profile

As though providing you with a built in and vast online library of amp profiles wasn't enough the Kemper provides the ability to capture the tone of your pre-existing amplifiers allowing you to take all of your amps on the go in one compact rack mountable unit.

Simply connect your amplifier to the Kemper Profiling Power Rack to allow test signals to be sent from the Power Rack through the amp. These signals will then be picked up by a microphone (not included) connected to the Power Rack allowing it to collect the sonic DNA before creating a custom profile to emulate your amplifier.

Advanced Control

The Kemper Profiling Power Rack deliver a huge amount of control over your tone with its traditional control parameters such as gain, bass, middle, treble and presence as well as advanced controls such as amp definition which allows you to adjust virtual tube response for vintage to modern tone, Pick parameter control adds/removes the attack of the pick hitting the string whilst cabinet voicing lets you emulate size, tonality and bass resonance.


  • Rackmountable guitar amplifier can create profiles of any physical guitar amplifier
  • Onboard 600-watt power amplifier makes this an awesome live amp as well
  • Includes 200 amplifier profiles for you to start with
  • Easy to profile your own amplifiers: all you need is a microphone and cable, guitar cables, and a combo amp or amp head and cabinet
  • Built-in DI can split your signal to a direct output, for simultaneous recording of your dry guitar signal and the guitar amp profile when used in the studio
  • Great sounding collection of effects in addition to the amplifiers
  • Automatic spillover lets your delay and reverb tails fade out naturally when you change presets
  • Lock individual module settings when changing presets, for example keeping your current delay effects settings while changing amp profiles
  • Effects loop lets you integrate your hardware effects and stompboxes



  • Front Mounted HiZ Guitar input
  • Return Jack (with Ground lift)
  • Midi In
  • Midi Thru
  • S/PDIF In
  • USB in
  • Network Port


  • Front Mounted Headphone output
  • Direct Send Jack (with Ground Lift)
  • Motitor Output jack (with Ground lift)
  • Midi out
  • S/PDIF Out
  • USB out
  • Master Output Left XLR (one Ground Lift shared by mast outputs)
  • Master Output Right XLR
  • Master Output Left Jack
  • Master Output Right Jack

Additional Connections:

  • Footswitch 1
  • Footswitch 2
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