DISC SubZero RA-10 10W GuitarAmp with Recording Function

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  • USB/SD Recorder
  • Switchable Clean and Drive Channels
  • Lightweight and Portable
  • Battery or Mains Power
  • Flexible Inputs

DISC SubZero RA-10 10W GuitarAmp with Recording Function


A great sounding portable practice amp with recording function. This fantastic little amp features switchable clean and drive channels with a two band EQ, along with a 6" speaker, giving an brilliant versatile guitar sound. This great amp also features a audio player and recorder, recording onto an SD card or USB stick, along with an auxiliary input and headphone output. With battery or adapter power, this amp is portable and versatile.

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Fantastic Guitar Sound and Tone

This great quality sounds fantastic, be it through the 6" speaker or the headphone output. Featuring clean and drive channels with separate volume controls and a channel switch, this amp offers a wide range of guitar tones to fit your playing style. With a two band EQ you are sure to find the right sound. with an additional Auxiliary Input, with both Jack and Minijack inputs, you can jam along to your favourite tracks from your mp3 player or phone.

Mp3 Recording and Playback

The RA-10 isn't just a great sounding amp, it is also a fantastic practice and demo tool. With a built in Mp3 player and recorder, you can record the output onto an SD card or USB stick at the press of a button. Fantastic for recording song ideas or demos, you can listen back to what you have just played, play over the top, or load the mp3's straight onto your computer to send to bandmates of friends.

Lightweight and Portable

The RA-10 is small, lightweight and incredibly portable. With the option of being powered by batteries, or a 12v power adapter (not included), this great little amp can be taken anywhere, so you can record your guitar wherever and whenever you have an idea. Be it at home in your bedroom or in the middle of a field, the RA-10 offers great sound and easy recording!

Please Note: If not used with batteries, this amp must be used with a "Switching Mode" Power Supply (not included) in order to gain full functionality of this amp.


  • Power Output: 10W RMS
  • Speaker: 6"
  • Controls: Clean (Volume), Drive S/W, Drive (Gain, Volume) Treble, Bass, USB/SD Volume
  • Recording Controls: Power, Record, Mode, Volume, Skip, Play/Pause
  • Connections: Input (1/4" Jack), Aux In (1/4" and 1/8" Jack), Phones (1/4" Jack) USB, SD
  • Power: 8 x C Battery or Switching Mode 12v Negative Centre Power Supply (not included)
  • Dimensions: W 245mm x H 244mm x D 180mm
  • Weight: 3.5Kg

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