DISC Tama HP900RSWN Iron Cobra Rolling Glide Double Pedal with Case

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  • Tama Iron Cobra Rolling Glide Double Pedal
  • Smooth, Stable, Adjustable Pedal
  • Rolling Glide Cam with Double Chain
  • Cobra Coil Return Spring
  • Includes Hard Carrying Case

DISC Tama HP900RSWN Iron Cobra Rolling Glide Double Pedal with Case


The Tama HP900RSWN Iron Cobra Rolling Glide double kick drum pedal is designed to be smooth and durable. The Rolling Glide cam has a true round-shaped sprocket with a double chain, offering more durability but retaining the smooth, uniform response of a traditional round cam.

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The HP900RSWN features Tama's patented Cobra Coil return spring, which presses the footboard back to its original position and prevents the action becoming sluggish even if you tighten the pedal spring. It is adjustable to different positions on the base plate so you can find the perfect amount of return pressure for your playing.

Friction in the pedal has been reduced by replacing the traditional nylon rocker cam with the Speedo-Ring, a cam with a high-quality built-in ball bearing rocker. It works in conjunction with the Quick Hook, which allows for easy setup and tear-down, eliminates wobbling and allows maximum power transmission to the Speedo-Ring.

The Speedo-Ring also allows you to adjust the angle of the footboard link independently of the beater angle. Adjusting the beater angle is handled by the Vari-Pitch beater holder, while the Iron Cobra beater adjusts the beater head angle to ensure a flat hit to the drum head every time.

No matter your bass drum angle, you can be sure your pedal will be flat on the floor thanks to the Para-Clamp II. Tightened from the side so you don't have to put your finger under the footboard, it can handle hoops up to 14mm in thickness to fit almost any bass drum on the market.

The double pedal has a special stabiliser mounted to the outside frame to augment the stability of the floor anchor bolts and prevent the left-side pedal from walking. The aluminium connecting rod is designed to offer smooth adjustment and secure tightening without damaging the rod.

The HP900RSWN is supplied with a protective carrying case, to ensure it doesn't take any knocks off stage after being stomped on all night on stage.


  • Rolling Glide Cam with Double Chain
  • Cobra Coil Return Spring
  • Speedo-Ring Rocker Cam
  • Vari-Pitch Beater Holder
  • Para-Clamp II Bass Drum Clamp
  • Pedal Anchor for Extra Stability
  • Hard Carrying Case Included