DISC Alesis Transactive 400 Electronic Drum Stage Amplifier

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  • 400 Watt Stage Amplifier for Electronic Drums
  • 12'' Low Frequency Transducer and 1'' Compression Driver
  • Stereo 1/4'' and RCA Inputs, Stereo 1/4'' Outputs
  • Angled Baffle and Bass Porting for Projection
  • 1/4'' Stereo Link Output for Using Two Units in Stereo

DISC Alesis Transactive 400 Electronic Drum Stage Amplifier


The Alesis TransActive 400 Stage Amp is a versatile high-quality wedge amp designed specifically for the electronic drummer. With premium audio components and a true bi-amped design, this compact but powerful 400 watt amp can easily handle the rapid transients caused by electronic drums, making it perfect for use when performing, recording and rehearsing with electronic kits.

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Punchy, Crisp Sound

TransActive 400's true bi-amped design and 400 Watts of peak power ensure that your electronic drum kit sounds clear, loud, and punchy whenever you play. Its custom-tuned electronic crossover provides a superb frequency response that can handle the modern drum sounds found in today's music. With TransActive 400, the entire frequency range of the drum kit comes across with striking definition and clarity, so all your kick-drum, cymbals, and hi-hat sounds cut right through excessive stage volumes. Onboard bass, mid, and treble tone controls enable you to quickly tailor your drum kit to the demands of any performance or recording environment.

Road Worthy

TransActive 400's lightweight construction and recessed handle make it easy to take this all-in-one drum amplification system on the road, to band practice, or to the studio. It comes built with a protective metal grill, robust wooden exterior, and rubber feet for powerful drum sound in a durable design. The angled front panel is ideal for seated playing and provides excellent sound projection. With TransActive 400, you'll be ready for your next gig-no matter where it takes you.

Easy Connectivity

Input and output connections are laid out on the back panel and keep the top-mounted controls clean, clutter-free, and accessible during performance. Stereo 1/4-inch outputs connect TransActive 400 to outboard PA and recording gear. For private playing or rehearsing, drummers can use the headphone jack that automatically mutes the main outputs. Two TransActive 400 amplifiers can be connected via a stereo link for a big, stereo sound that'll shake the stage during live performances.


  • 200 Watts continuous power, 400 Watts peak power
  • 12" low-frequency transducer and 1" compression driver
  • Custom-tuned electronic crossover provides superb frequency response
  • True bi-amped design provides dedicated power to high and low drivers
  • Dedicated bass, mid, and treble tone controls
  • Angled baffle and bass porting provide excellent projection
  • Recessed handles for easy transport
  • Stereo 1/4" inputs and stereo RCA inputs
  • Stereo 1/4" outputs connect to any PA or recording gear
  • Stereo 1/4" headphone output for private playing and rehearsing
  • Connect two units via a stereo link for big, stereo sound


  • 200W Continuous
  • 400W Peak
  • 12" LF Driver
  • 1" HF Tweeter
  • 38 lbs


  • TransActive 400
  • Power Cable
  • User Guide
  • Safety & Warranty Manual