Stentor Cellos

Stentor Cellos have a great reputation among schools, local councils and teachers. They can be fantastic first or step up instruments for students of the cello. Available in sizes from 4/4 full size right down to 1/16 size, there is a Stentor Cello for everybody. View all information

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About Cellos

As with all instruments from the string family, choosing the right size cello is important. A cello that is too small or too large for its user will be more difficult to play. Cello choices are usually determined based on age, height or body length.

Cello Size Guide

1/4 size - ages 5 to 7 - height up to 4ft, body length 20" to 23"
1/2 size - ages 7 to 11 - height up to 4.5ft, body length 26" to 27.5"
3/4 size - ages 11 to 15 - height up to 5ft, body length 26" to 27.5"
4/4 size - ages 16+ - height 5ft and over, body length 30" and over

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