DISC Digidesign Reel Tape Suite Plugin

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DISC Digidesign Reel Tape Suite Plugin


You can now bring the unmistakable warmth and richness of analogue tape to digital recordings and live sound mixes with Reel Tape Suite™, a trio of brilliant tape emulation effects from Digidesign.

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Reel Tape Suite features three indispensable plug-ins Reel Tape Saturation, Reel Tape Delay, and Reel Tape Flanger that work with Pro Tools®,

Avid®, and Digidesign® VENUE systems, enabling customers to add the coloration, compression, and saturation characteristics of analogue tape and tape effects to their mixes with incredible realism.

Whether you are involved with recording music, mixing audio for post production, or mixing

live sound, Reel Tape Suite allows you to bring the rich sound of analogue tape recordings into

your digital mixes and live sessions easily and convincingly.

Reel Tape Saturation re-creates the classic analogue recording experience by faithfully reproducing the coloration and saturation effects associated with certain analogue tape formulations, including the classic warmth of Ampex 456* tape and the wide dynamic range and high output of Quantegy GP9*. It also carefully models the phase and frequency characteristics of renowned tape machines, such as the 3M M79* and Studer A800*, and provides a limited bandwidth Lo-Fi setting.

You can control tape speed from 7.5 to 30 ips (inches per second) as well as hiss, bias, and

calibration levels with none of the hassle associated with analogue tape recording.

Reel Tape Delay emulates analogue tape echo and delay effects with expertly modelled frequency

response, noise, wow and flutter, and distortion characteristics. You can reproduce small and

large fluctuations in tape speed, and even achieve that elusive varispeed effect when tape speed is

adjusted during playback. Delays are fully adjustable from 93 ms to 1,486 ms (1-7/8 ips to 30 ips), and the feedback controls allow you to achieve effects that range from tastefully subtle to

over-the-top, thanks to built-in EQ and level controls on the echo/delay loop.

Reel Tape Flanger accurately simulates real analogue tape flange, coupling careful and thorough modeling of the tape flanging process with an arsenal of controls for shaping the output in real time.

The plug-in captures the characteristics of tape machine frequency response, noise, wow and flutter, and distortion and applies these to a variety of tape speed and delay control options. You can easily dial in manual flange and artificial double tracking (ADT) techniques by simply adjusting the

variable delay to create unique frequency sweep and crossover cancellation effects. You can

tweak the flanging effect manually or by using LFO and depth controls, adjust tape speed fluctuation using wow and flutter controls, and adjust feedback.

Reel Tape Suite includes plug-ins in TDM HD Accel, TDM VENUE, RTAS®, and AudioSuite formats.

You will need an iLok USB Smart Key (not included) to authorise the plug-ins for use.

  • Digidesign Reel Tape Suite plug-ins are not connected with, or approved or endorsed by, the owners of the 3M, Studer, Ampex, or Quantegy trademarks. These names are used solely to identify the products that were modelled to create the Reel Tape Suite plug-ins.

System Requirements:

Digidesign-qualified Pro Tools|HD® Accel, Pro Tools LE®, or Pro Tools M-Powered system

running Pro Tools 7.2 or higher software, or

Qualified Avid Xpress®, Avid® Xpress DV, or Avid DNA system, or

Digidesign VENUE live sound environment system

DVD-ROM drive for installation

iLok USB Smart Key for authorization (plus, Internet access and a free iLok.com account)

Q & A

Q. Will the Reel Tape Suite plug-ins work with Pro Tools 7.0 software?

A. No, all Reel Tape plug-ins require Pro Tools 7.2 or higher software.