Microphone Preamps

Mic Preamps are used in recording studios to boost and enhance the signal from a mic to get the best from it when recording. At Gear4music.com we have a wide selection of mic preamps that will help you get the right sound. Many advanced preamps also contain compressors, equalizers and other effects. The highly regarded Focusrite Octopre MK-II has VCA-based compressors modeling the character of their famous Red 3.

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Microphone Preamps

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About Microphone Pre-Amps

If you’re just starting out we have budget preamps such as the Behringer MIC100 Tube or ART Tube MP V3 that provide genuine valve warmth and character with simple inputs and outputs.

For the more serious studio environment at home or professionally we have a range of dual, quad and 8 channel preamps available from leading manufacturers such as TL Audio and Universal Audio.

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