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WHD Genesis - Premium Starter Drum Kits That You Won't Outgrow Anytime Soon

WHD Genesis - Premium Starter Drum Kits That You Won't Outgrow Anytime Soon
WHD Genesis - Premium Starter Drum Kits That You Won't Outgrow Anytime Soon

Start your drumming journey today! The WHD Genesis is a complete drumming package, built to last. First kit? Definitely. Gigging kit? Check. Second kit for pros? Of course! Find out more…

WHD Genesis Drum Kits

Which Drum Kit Should I Buy First?

Picture the scene. You're about to begin your quest into the art of drumming. You have gigging aspirations and you need a solid starter kit. But you've trawled the internet, and all you can find is 'beginner kits', 'a great first choice', ' a great kit to get going with'.

While there's nothing inherently wrong with these kits, there's also nothing particularly inspiring about them either. But that's about to change with the WHD Genesis kit, because WHD believes that beginners deserve quality gear too.

A High-Quality Drum Kit for Beginners

WHD Genesis Complete Drum Kit, Burgundy Sparkle

WHD is the master of creating premium kits at real-world prices. The WHD Genesis Series brings this premium craftmanship into the realms of the beginner. These high-quality kits ensure that, when you improve as a drummer, you won't need to upgrade straight away.

In fact, while the Genesis Series may be the perfect starter kit, it also makes a fantastic gigging kit and the ideal second kit for professional drummers.

WHD Genesis - What Do I Get?

WHD Genesis Complete Drum Kit, Jet Black

The WHD Genesis is actually a complete drum package in one. As well as the drum shells (bass drum, 3 tom toms, snare), you also get brass cymbals, hardware, sticks, and a stool. This means that beginners will find everything they need to get started.

WHD has not skimped on quality with the Genesis kit. Poplar shells give a full-bodied tone with great resonance, while the heavy-duty, double-braced hardware is built to survive the life of a gigging player. Brass cymbals are provided (crash, ride, and hi-hat), giving you the classic cymbal setup to cover any genre of music.

And finally, just look at that design! The Genesis is available in three stunning colour options, complemented by stealthy black hardware. Make no mistake, this is the premium starter kit that looks nothing like a conventional beginner's kit.

I Want to Buy One!

Well, we don't blame you! Below you can find the links to shop now. WHD also produces accessories, cymbals, and hardware, so when you're ready to expand your setup, they've got you covered.

WHD Genesis Drum Kits

Shop Now | WHD Genesis Drum Kits

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Find Out More | WHD Drum Kits

Find Out More | WHD Genesis Complete Drum Kit, Jet Black

Find Out More | WHD Genesis Complete Drum Kit, Burgundy Sparkle

Find Out More | WHD Genesis Complete Drum Kit, Sky Blue Sparkle

Find Out More | WHD Drum Accessories

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By Matt Wilkinson

Posted on 13 Mar 2019 09:55 to category : Instruments News

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