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The New Ableton CV Tools Lets You Control Modular and CV Gear with Ableton Live 10!

The New Ableton CV Tools Lets You Control Modular and CV Gear with Ableton Live 10!
The New Ableton CV Tools Lets You Control Modular and CV Gear with Ableton Live 10!
Ableton Live 10

Ableton has just announced CV Tools. Users can now control their modular or CV-based gear with a compatible dc-coupled audio interface. Bring your analog and digital gear together like never before.

Ableton has just announced an exciting update to Live 10. The CV Tools is a pack which lets users control their modular and CV-based gear directly from Ableton Live 10. All you need to do so, is a compatible dc-coupled audio interface.

The CV Tools Pack is included in Live 10 Suite when you run the free 10.1 update or above. Users who already own a copy of Live 10 Suite or Max for Live can download the update from their Live Browser or account page. 

What can CV Tools do?

CV Tools allows you to interface your modular and CV-based gear with Ableton Live 10. You can choose to use Live as the tempo leader or use your modular systems clock to set the tempo.

CV Tools lets you sequence & play your modular gear, trigger drums & events, generate polyrhythms with modular-style techniques, merge multiple modulation signals to generate new shapes, use CV signals to control parameters in live, draw custom shapes to send to your modular setup… the list goes on!

ableton interface

I don’t use CV-based gear!

Don’t use CV-based gear? No problem. CV Tools also features a Rotating Rhythm Generator and CV Utility to add modular-style workflow inside Live, or via MIDI to your hardware setup.

What does CV Tools include?

CV Tools includes:

  • CV Instrument – this allows you to control your modular gear with MIDI.
  • CV Triggers – sequence your modular drum modules from inside Live.
  • CV Utility – use automation curves inside Live to control your modular gear. This lets you process control voltages like audio, as well as add/multiple/shift control signals.
  • CV Clock In – use your Eurorack system to control Live.
  • CV Clock Out – control your modular gear tempo.
  • CV In – control your Live parameters with your modular gear.
  • CV Shaper – send different CV shapes to your modular gear.
  • CV Envelope Filter – audio signals can be used to control your modular setup.
  • CV LFO – add more LFOs to your modular system!
  • Rotating Rhythm Generator – experiment with modular-style beat and polyrhythm generation. This features a MIDI output to use with Drum Racks or other external gear.

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By Corin Allen

Posted on 16 Jul 2019 16:13 to category : Instruments News

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