QSC TouchMix Digital Mixers

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QSC TouchMix Digital Mixers

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TouchMix Tutorial Videos

QSC has put together a number of tutorial videos to help you get the most out of your TouchMix digital mixer. Over the course of these short but detailed videos, you'll learn how to better navigate your TouchMix, the different modes available and when to use them, and how to take advantage of preset libraries and mixer scenes.

1. Learn more about TouchMix mixer navigation

In this tutorial, learn how to navigate your TouchMix mixer. Discover where various input, output and aux connections are located, and how you can get creative with routing and effects.

2. Learn about TouchMix's simple and advanced modes

Watch this video to find out about TouchMix's simple and advanced modes. Condensed, intuitive controls are available for novices in simple mode, while more experienced engineers can can use advanced mode to access full parameter control.

3. Learn about TouchMix's comprehensive preset libraries and mixer scenes

Discover TouchMix's factory programmed preset libraries and mixer scenes in this third tutorial video. These powerful tools are designed to help you get the ideal mix as quickly and easily as possible, and recall it time after time.

4. Learn more about QSC TouchMix Mixers

For even more tutorials on mixing with the QSC TouchMix series, including 'point and shoot' capability, visit the QSC website.